Low SPM OTW training

Skipped training on Friday because of work and because the flu shot nurse told me “no exercise, no alcohol”. OK.

The training schedule said running, but I had to bring my sons to the rowing club and the water was mirror flat, so I changed my mind.

It was raining a bit and about 7 degrees C. Not bad weather, actually. I tied an old bicycle inner tube around the shell and started rowing. Perfect exercise for technique. Everything slows down. Pace drops by about 30 seconds per 500m and the run of the boat is nice and slow, so you have enough time to set up each stroke perfectly, especially on this flat water. It’s also good for strength.

skifspm skif

| Tstart_ | Tstop__ | Dist_ | Time_ | Pace__ | _SPM | avg HR | max HR | DPS | Remarks
| 00:00.0 | 45:00.0 | 07615 | 45:00 | 02:57.3 | 15.7 | 136 | 148 | 10.8 | with band
| 45:00.0 | 15:00.0 | 05718 | 30:00 | 02:37.4 | 18.3 | 140 | 153 | 10.4 | normal

After 45 minutes I removed the tube and rowed normally. When I arrived back at the club, the summer dock was being cleared away and the winter dock wasn’t prepared yet, so I had to step into the water. It was quite cold. During the 2 minutes or so that I needed to get out the sculls, my clothes, my phone and the XGPS160, my feet were freezing, almost starting to cramp. A good reminder of how it is when you fall in during a winter row. Unpleasant, to say the least.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and reaching 17 degrees. The plan is to go in the double with Romana and I almost can’t wait. A nice fast boat after so many kilometers on the erg and the single. It will be a nice training.

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