A number of times 500m – hard training


Preparation for the visit of our company’s president in full swing. Went to dinner with the President and a few other people in the evening. No time for training. Temperatures in Brno: 32 degrees C.

We had a nice private ride in the Honeywell tram:

Honeywell Tram 004 Honeywell Tram 003


Good review with the President. Very useful and time well spent, but of course exhausting, high energy, and once he was on his way to his next destination, I needed to relax a bit. Finished some chores and then headed for the lake.

I didn’t feel very energetic so I binned the original plan to do a 4x1000m. Somehow, 8x500m at 3 minutes rest looked much more achievable, so I settled for that.

It was still above 30 degrees when I pushed off from the dock a little before 5pm.

The 500ms felt lousy. Also, there was some wind and there were a lot of motor boats and sailing boats on the lake so there was chop combined with wake, which made for awful rowing. Not happy at all.

I lowered the rate drastically in the 2 headwind 500ms that I did and I stopped after 6 intervals. Rowed back feeling tired, but at least I had done some sort of session.

I was shocked when I saw the colorful graphs. I didn’t realize there was so much red. Not sure what’s going on. Perhaps it just getting used to the high temperatures. Definitely this was a “hard work with little reward” session.

500mspm 500ms

I did shoot video. Will upload once I have time.

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