Veveří Castle – technique and stroke analysis


I took a recovery day. A full day of work until 10pm, only interrupted by dinner and a hot, relaxing bath. Still feeling tired from Sunday’s races.

Tuesday Morning

Looking forward to a planned L4, steady state session with 18spm, 20spm, 22spm, 24spm rate ladders.  No difficulty getting up early. It was looking to become a nice sunny day. Temperatures have dropped more than 10 degrees since Sunday, to a nice maximum temperature of 21 degrees C. It was 15 degrees when I drove to the lake.

Quite some chop, so decided to row to the castle.

Rowing to the turning point, about 500m past the castle, I did 2x10min rate ladder (4min/3min/2min/1min in 18/20/22/24spm). Paces were not particularly fast but I tried to focus more on technique.

The lake was choppy, but the river part was perfect flat water with a thin layer of mist on top. It was so beautiful, I decided to take some pictures when I turned, and then again when I passed the castle.

Veveří 012 Veveří 006 Veveří 005 Veveří 004 Veveří 002 Veveří 001

Then I decided to skip the rate ladders and focus on technique. I did some technique drills on the way home. Rowing with pauses, mainly.techniek2 techniek

Here are the stroke acceleration pictures from RIM:

chart (15)