Saturday part 1: 7x1km


Up at 3:20. To airport, catch flight to Brussels. Have Admin Board meeting (interesting part estimated to be around 3% of total content), lunch with board members (110% worth it but not for the sandwiches). Back to airport, catch flight to Vienna. Home at 21:45. Nobody there because Romana, Dominik & Lenka are at the Youth Nationals and Robin stays with my mother in law. 

Surprisingly, I didn’t find time for a training. 


At work. It dawned on me that I could have stayed the weekend in The Netherlands and visit some friends there … Next time plan better, Sander!

Afternoon training. The plan was to do Greg’s 7x1km in the double with Radek, but he is recovering from a cold. So we did 10k technique. Catch drills were very useful. 

Home to empty house. In bed early. 

Dominik made it to the semifinals by finishing third in his heat. Saturday’s semi will decide if he will row Final A or B on Sunday. 

Lenka in the double also progressed by being 4th by a bow ball. She will row today and has to be third or fourth to make final B and first or second to make final A. Fifth and sixth place don’t row on Sunday. 

Saturday part I

Up at 5:30 and drove to the club for the first workout. 7x1km done in 24/26/28/30/28/26/24 spm. 

2000m warming up. I wasn’t sure about the rest intervals so I dialed up 3:00 rest. Turns out I should’ve used a longer rest interval. 

Flat water. A slight breeze from the north causing ripples but no chop. Intervals 1, 2, 4, and 6 were rowed in the tailwind. All intervals from standing race start. 

 Data will follow later. Somehow the image upload refuses service this morning in the mobile WordPress app. 

The first 28spm and the 30spm were rowed in 4:00. I lightened up on the pressure in the 30spm interval as I was getting tired and wanted to hit the prescribed stroke rates. Did I say I took very short rests? I barely rowed 250m, then turned around, a quick sip of water and then there were barely 15 seconds left to the starting command.   

Session total 12km. 

Now I am stretching in the gym and waiting for the mixed quad to arrive. A short row and then to the train station to catch a train to Prague and on to the race track.