A relaxed row in the double – XGPS160 troubles

After yesterday’s racing with crazy wind conditions the weather turned for the good. Today the leaves barely moved. I am just exaggerating slightly. The lake wasn’t a mirror, but the water was flat and very easy to row.

Well, spring races wouldn’t be spring races without wind and crazy waves. See my blogs from other years on Indoor Sport Services:



Always waves and wind at our spring races.

The sailing clubs have races a week after the rowers. Every year they end up sitting on the shore waiting for wind …

Anyway, today we were looking forward to a calm row in the double. We settled for 2×12 minutes in Wolverine plan “L4 style”, i.e.

2 min 18spm

2 min 20 spm

2 min 22 spm

3 min 18spm

2 min 20 spm

1 min 22 spm

1 minute rest to turn the boat


On the second 2 minute interval of the second 12 minute set CrewNerd stopped counting meters and the pace remained stuck at the last value. Luckily, we were in a time based training, so we could finish the set.

Apparently the XGPS160 and the iphone were not communicating well.

So I switched it off and on, and checked the XGPS in its own iphone app. All working well, 65% battery remaining.

I started a “just row”. Romana and I did a practice race start. Nothing. No pace. No meters. I pressed “reset” on the CrewNerd just row and now the meters were clocked.

We rowed another 1500m, and when I started the second 20 stroke at race pace segment, the meters stopped again.

Quite annoying. I don’t know what’s going on. I had the XGPS160 on during the drive home, without problems. It was communicating with the phone all the time.

However, when Romana was washing the boat and I was bringing the sculls to the rack, I noticed that the XGPS160 pretended it was on, was showing a “connected” status in the app but the data transmission was 0 Hz!

I will do 8x500m tomorrow, so I guess I will take the Garmin Forerunner as a backup system.

Here is my HR vs pace for the first part of the row, stopping at the point where the GPS stopped.


As you can see a real easy row to flush the muscles.

Here is the second part of what CrewNerd recorded, including a 20 stroke sequence that brought us up to 1:50 pace, and the onset of the second 20 stroke sequence when the GPS dropped out again:


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