Crazy day and race prep

A crazy day in all aspects.

It was snowing when I drove to work. Then I had one of those crazy mornings where you do something else every ten minutes just trying to help your direct reports and move everything forward a bit.

Then an off-site lunch with a colleague and friend, discussing some work/life related stuff that is not relevant for this blog. I also realized I had forgotten the bag with my boat and scull covers at home, so I raced home to get it, then back to work.

Spent the afternoon onboarding a new direct report. The plan was to disappear at 4:30, drive to rowing club, a quick row with 2 intervals at race pace, then prepare boat for transport. The reality was that I left at 6, arrived at the club at 6:20. There were huge waves on the lake, so I prepared the boat for transport and then went for an erg training.

2.5km warming up

1km target 1:49 @ 29spm, reality 1:47 pace @ 28spm

2km rest

1km target 1:49 @ 29spm, reality 1:47 pace @ 28spm

2.5km cooling down

Yesterday was the day that my new toys arrived from Amazon. Unfortunately I had not time to test CrewNerd+XGPS160+Wahoo bluetooth HR belt. I did test the Wahoo belt with the iphone to record the erg training though. Worked fine of course.

Well, I will need to try the other toy on tomorrow’s reconnaissance row at the race venue.

The draw is out:


The Vetesnik guys are Olympians. Ondrej Vetesnik has a 6:08 erg score. They start way ahead of me anyway, so nothing to worry about.

What is more interesting is that the guy with bow nr #352, Mr Barton, was 20 seconds faster than I a year ago. So I guess my goal is to fend him off … 🙂

Tomorrow: Packing for the race, drive to race venue, quick training, then go to hotel. I will leave the laptop at home but may try to do some blogging using the iphone WordPress app.

My race is on Saturday 14:21 Central European Time. Live results will appear here:

Weight is a good 70.5kg. 2kg of reserve, that should be enough.