Stuck at Home Rowing Club Session 2

Or actually, session 1 “3×20 minute steady state”, but it’s the second session from the weekly menu that I do. More about the session below.

The Situation

Some stability! After a week of increasingly strict measures, the government gave us some time to breathe. Yes, we had some new recommendations and measures, but they were small additions or explanations of the big ones.

For example, wearing a face mask in public transport and in stores is mandatory. There is a shortage of face masks, so they explained that we can make our own ones. Instead of 90% protection they give 70% protection, which still slows down the spreading of the virus. Talking about protection. I wear a face mask to protect others. It’s the other people’s face masks that protect me.

It’s also interesting how, in the course of two days, it has become weird to NOT wear a face mask.

Here I am in my home made face mask:

It is still not entirely clear if we are allowed to go for a run in the forest, but people are doing it (and keeping a distance from others) and I don’t see this being commented badly.

The Workout

The workout was a steady state rowed as a rate ladder. Three intervals of 20 minutes, rowed as

4 minutes at 19 spm

3 min @ 20 spm

2 min @ 21 spm

1 min @ 22 spm

1 min @ 21 spm

2 min @ 20 spm

3 min @ 19 spm

4 min @ 18 spm

I had the erg outside again:

I moved the erg to the other terrace to have a view on the blossoming tree and to be out of the sun. It’s a very nice, sunny day and the temperature was around 17 degrees in the shadow when I erged.

Here is the workout chart:

This heart rate response is quite normal for me. Perhaps slightly higher than I expected, but still within the bounds. I will have difficulty doing the 40 minute at 75% of max HR session and I am considering to replace it with a run in the forest.

I am also happy to see a few of the SAHRC Facebook group members jumped on the training tracking. It’s nice to see this chart turning more and more green every day. (The purple is someone who did a much longer body weight session than I planned.)

Keep up the good work, SAHRC!

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