A ride and a row


The weather was so beautiful, it would be a sin to not sport outdoor. So a bike ride:

It was great fun. First, from home to the village of Lelekovice. In Lelekovice, a nice climb started:

This was the climb between 5 and 8km in the elevation profile. At the top, there were some nice forest trails down to the village of Vranov:

And then the big drop down to Sebrov-Katerina:

Then some gradual up and down to Lipuvka, and after that I tried out a new bike path leading gently downhill to Kurim:

Ninety minutes of bliss. I wasn’t fast, but I think an average heart rate of 145 beats per minute is a good workout on the bike. With a maximum heart rate achieved of 183 and a 10 minute interval with heart rate above 175 it was perhaps more of an irregular interval workout than steady state.


Stormy weather, so ergometer instead of On-The-Water rowing. I took it easy, putting more weight on finishing a full hour on the boring erg than achieving a certain power score:

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