Another week of Preparation

Monday, August 26

A rest day.

Tuesday, August 27

A steady state row in the double. I actually had to record it on the Garmin watch. In the morning, I had left for work feeling tired and with an upcoming cold. Some afternoon/evening meetings magically got canceled, so I decided to go to the rowing club, asking Romana to bring my uni. We hopped in the double but just did a short steady state row.

You can ignore the heart rate measurements. The VivoActive is very bad with rowing, as I guess is the case for any wrist worn optical heart rate sensor. The other charts show a cool feature of Our “math and physics engine” (sorry Best Bike Split) is able to take the weather data and create an estimated power chart. The downside is that if the weather stations aren’t accurate, like in this example where they reported a stronger wind than there actually was, the data may be off.

Wednesday, August 28

A weights workout. My weights trainer was back from vacation, so this was the first supervised session in a while. Everything hurt a lot more after it. The watchful eye of a coach helps me going a bit deeper in these sessions.

Thursday, August 29

On this day, I did the session that was originally planned for Tuesday: 2x(7x1min/1min)/5min. I did this session in the single and was happy to receive an automatic notification from telling me that this had been a session where I was performing close to my current measured performance limits.

Workout Summary - media/20190829-1931030o.csv
Workout Details

You may notice that the durations are not exactly one minute long. That is because I rowed this as a “Just Row” on my SpeedCoach and just monitored the workout time myself. Then I used the automatic interval detection on to detect the intervals.

Note that the wind messed with my splits.

Friday, August 30

Romana and I rowed the double again. It was an extremely hot Friday afternoon, hot and humid. We decided to reduce the 3x2km session to 2x2km. Simply because it was too hot. And the lake was full of various floating vessels, from paddle boards to inflatable things, wind surfers, sailing boats, and others.


Another row in the double with Romana. A nice technique session.

After that, it was time for me to prepare the rental singles for the upcoming rowing camp. It was another very hot day. Here is what I started with:

Here is the result after three hours of work:

All boats were rigged and thoroughly measured. Empower oarlocks installed and calibrated. Three Wintechs and a Fluidesign. After that I walked over to the nearest beer stall (never far away in the Czech Republic) and had this nice refreshment:

Sunday, September 1

Kazi came, my partner in the double on the WRMR. We did two short sessions.

The first session was warming up, followed by 750m/4min + 500m/4min + 250m in 32, 34 and 36spm. That went pretty well.

Workout Summary - media/mailbox_attachments/2019/09/01/9943497142174d7b9721746f0e25d0a9.csv
--|02603|13:57.7|02:50.1|000.0| 27.5 |151.0|178.0|08.2
Workout Details
02|00750|02:45.8|01:50.6| --- | 31.5 | 163.0 |08.5 - headwind
04|00500|01:42.6|01:42.7| --- | 34.0 | 164.0 |08.5 - tailwind
06|00250|00:51.0|01:42.0| --- | 37.0 | 149.0 |07.8 - headwind

The after lunch (and a beer) session was steady state and technique.

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