Catching Up with my Training Diary – plodding along

My last training diary post was on October 15th. It’s been a bit busy since then. I have released two major upgrades to the site: The redesign, and Training Planning.

Since I released those two upgrades, most of my free time was consumed by bug fixing (despite a month of testing in the group of beta testers, there are always bugs that are discovered only by “real” users). So here’s what’s happened after October 15th:

Week 44 is not complete yet, but you can see I am struggling to put in the training that I had planned. Here’s a detailed look at each of the weeks:

Week 42

So in week 42 I was supposed to doing a volume week, but I had to go on an unexpected business trip. Skipped the swim planned for Monday, the bike to work and back planned for Friday and a run planned for Sunday. I did put in my weights training, two steady state erg rows and that disastrous 4x2k. A positive thing to mention is that I am succeeding at making my steady state erg sessions longer. It was a shock being back on the erg after spending the entire spring and summer in the boat, but I am slowly succeeding in finding a way to “enjoy” 75 minutes and longer of steady state ergometer plodding.

Week 43

Swim – done

Weights – done

Steady state – one 85 minute session duly done, one missed.

Twelve km run – done

5x1500m session – done

After the 4x2km debacle of week 42, I set out very conservatively on the 5x1500m row. I targeted 215W or higher. In the end, the average was around 230W:

Workout Summary - media/20181025-1826280o.csv
Workout Details

Here’s the chart:

It’s interesting to compare this ‘good’ row with that disastrous 4x2km row:

It seems that the difference really just is in the 4x2km biting in the final 500. Maybe also a question of getting used to the erg.

Week 44 so far

Nothing to see here. I did my weights session on Tuesday and I am going to do another 5x1500m today. I am also racing a 4x+ in Amsterdam on Sunday, over 4 km.

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