Thursday – Short and Intensive

I hesitated whether it made sense to go to the lake. In Brno-Slatina, where my office is, the flags indicated a strong wind. I called Romana, and she reported normal chop, nothing unrowable. When I arrived at the lake, the normal chop had changed to high chop, but by the time I was launching, it was getting calmer again. This was going to be a short, but intensive workout:

2k/4min + 1k/4min + 500m @ 28-34spm

Again, I lowered the SPM by 2 because I row in a single.

The low power section 4 minutes into the first 2k is caused by a turn:

On this map, it’s the turn to starboard just before I row through the “Brněnská přehrada” text (after crossing the boat line connecting U kotvy to Osada.

This is also where tailwind turned into tail/cross wind and I had to turn the single slightly to compensate for being blown into the buoy line. This is what that did to Wash:

A jump from 12 degrees to 14-15 degrees. It confirms my feeling that Wash is very sensitive to water roughness and other external factors.

Drive length and effective drive length were pretty OK, and at least consistent. Intervals 1 and 3 were rowed in tailwind and the middle 1k in strong headwind. I was afraid that would be visible in the drive length (being shorter in headwind), but it isn’t really.

Workout Summary - media/20180426-1735460o.csv
Workout Details

Pretty happy with the numbers here, considering the strong tail/head/crosswind and chop. I aimed at 26, 29 and 32spm and it seems I succeeded. Pretty hard work but pretty consistent, I think.

Back at the dock after 42 minutes, including warming up and cooling down. That was good, because I did have some accumulated fatigue from earlier sessions this week.

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