Tuesday to Thursday – concerts and parties


Tuesday – I went to a concert. Somebody already put a short video from it on Youtube:

Wednesday – Romana’s birthday. Other things to do than exercise.

Thursday – this would be a bad day to train again. I had a party at work. In the end, I decided to cycle to work, then take a taxi home from the party, which was in a pub in the village of Turany, close to the office.

At work, I discovered that I had forgotten my wallet at home. So no ID, no money, no bus ticket.

That changed the plans a little bit. I rode to the party on the bike, and after the party, I rode home. So the total for the day is a bit more: 35km, I estimate.

The party was big fun. We have our own employee band and they played really well. They played so well, that at the end of the party the police arrived. This being a bunch of engineers, they commented that the municipal police has no authority to end our party, and suggested we continue for another 30 minutes until the State Police arrive.

Being their boss, and without ID, I didn’t think this was a great idea. The pub owner shared my thought. So we ended the party. Then I rode my bike home. I didn’t bother to change clothes, so I rode in my party outfit, without heart rate measurement.

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