Back in the single & an unexpected visit


Another hour of steady state on the erg. I made it a little more interesting by varying the stroke rate every minute in intervals 1and 2, then reverting to a more traditional rate ladder in the last 20minute interval.

Stroke Rate Rowing

power rowing

Yep’ in the last interval I did a cooling down at the end. I had some fun looking at stroke data on

Stroke Chart

Pretty consistent drive length there.


I will be in the USA for 6 days next week, tomorrow I will do an erg lactate test, and on Sunday I will probably go running. So today was the day to get in some steady state, not too hard, in the single.

It is funny. I know Work per Stroke goes down at the end of the workout, but I seem incapable of preventing this to happen.

It was a great workout. The water was not flat but still very rowable, I was the only single out except for s lightweight guy from the other club, accompanied by his coach in a launch. At one point I needed to speed up a bit to stay ahead of his wake. The young LW guy is a bit faster than I but he was doing some intervals and by working a bit harder during his rest and staying focused on technique I stayed ahead of his coach’s wake.

When I was cleaning my boat after the row, Ondřej Synek walked on to our club. It was great to chat with him. He is in town for the Sport Life trade fair, promoting Concept2 ergometers, and decided to pay us a surprise visit. We showed him our boats and he talked about racing in Brno as a junior. Then he walked into the erg training of our Juniors. They almost fell off their ergs.

Ondrej Synek visits us

Ondřej Synek

In the car driving home I heard this song. I liked.