Running around the fortress


Travel to Belgrade. I missed the 8:35 train from the Brno Reckovice station. The problem is that I live so close to the train station, that I usually leave three minutes before the train arrival. This time it was snowing, and that slowed me down just enough to miss the train.

Well, 8:35 was risk mitigation anyway. Taking the 8:50 train, I still had 10 minutes for my connection at Brno main station.

I took the train to Vienna, connected to the airport. Then I took the Adria flight to Belgrade, which is actually a very short flight.

First time in Serbia, for me. Small airport. Taxi ride to hotel, driving typical Balkan style. I had some work to do, so I spent the rest of the afternoon working in the hotel.

The only exercise was a 20 minute walk into the city center, to find a nice place to have dinner. The hotel restaurant was a bit too posh and expensive to my taste.


I wanted to go running in the morning, but when I checked my phone, it told me that outside it was -1C, “feels like -6C”. I had purposefully packed warm running clothes because of the opportunity to run in an unknown city, but still it took me another 20 minutes to convince myself, and it turned out to be a very nice run.

I ran down towards the center, then continued to the Belgrade fortress.

In an attempt to get to the Sava river, I ended up running over a tram track for a few hundred meters. When cities are on rivers, especially big ones like the Danube and the Sava, I like to see the waterfront.

Somehow the Garmin Forerunner didn’t track the first half of my row on the map. The distance and duration is right, but I did start where I ended.

I wasn’t feeling cold at all. It was a great run.