Saturday – steady state

This is another workout where I proved to have limited compatibility with the SpeedCoach interface. About 700m into the row, the fully charged SpeedCoach lost connection with the Empower Oarlock (with new battery). I solved it by switching the SpeedCoach off and on, but I forgot to start recording.

There was a strong wind and the lake was pretty rough. I have seen worse, but I still decided to wait at Rokle, to see if the two juniors made the crossing of the lake OK. They are two less experienced juniors. The other ones are at trials in Racice. They made it, but it was a long wait.

Then, rowing up the river towards the castle, I rowed away from them. They turned after 5.5km, when I was about 700m ahead of them. So I turned and rowed back to catch up with them. All good steady state. The 80%.

At Rokle, Adam, one of the juniors, turned around and started another loop to the castle. I really didn’t want to row more, so I started crossing the lake with Radim. The wind had gotten stronger and it was difficult to land at our dock without damaging the boat. Every other wave went over the dock and there was a risk of the bow or stern being thrown on the dock. I managed and called my son Robin to hold the boat, so I could help Radim.

After we cleaned the boats and had a shower, Adam wasn’t back yet, and we couldn’t see him. Radim and I became slightly nervous and we contemplated taking the launch to go and find him, even though I don’t have a license for the launch. In the end we decided that Radim would go on an inspection walk along the bank and I would wait on the dock.

About 20 minutes later Adam arrived and he was OK. He was also glad that there was someone to help him with the dock and his single.