Mini taper for first sprint race

A 4x250m/250m is my traditional workout during the taper for a 1000m race. It is also the first workout I rowed when I got my SpeedCoach, in July last year, and the exported file from that workout is still one of the test files for

So I showed up at the rowing club after work, took my single for a quick spin, and then I prepared the boat for transport to Piestany in Slovakia.

During the warming up I did a few short 10 stroke intervals and test starts, building up the start with one more stroke at a time. First, one stroke. Then, two strokes. Etcetera.

myimage (28)

It was quite choppy, and there were a lot of other boats on the lake. There was a sailing class with lots of sailing boats, and there were people windsurfing. In the end, I decided to do my first two 250m intervals between the buoys of the 2k course, in the headwind. Then turn around and do the other two in tailwind, like this:


Here’s the summary:

Workout Summary - media/20170504-175300-Sanders SpeedCoach 20170504 0520pmo.csv
Workout Details

Pretty happy with the result. It wasn’t nice clean flat water rowing. The chop made me concentrate and I didn’t look at the SpeedCoach display much. There was simply too much going on with the chop and the other traffic. I aimed for 320W average. In the end I managed a bit more.

Here are the metrics plots:

We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon. Monday is a holiday, so we plan to stay in Slovakia longer and hike to this castle, close to the town of Piestany where the races are held:

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