Friday: Mixed Quad


No training. I flew to Amsterdam. KLM had two surprises to me. The first one was a one hour delay.

The second surprise, a nice one, was that they offered me a glass of champagne to celebrate my birthday. It was interesting, to sit in Economy class and being the only one drinking champagne from a real glass (as opposed to a plastic cup).


Hotel room workout. Then a full day of conference, ending at Airport Valkenburg with a drone demonstration.

During the day I received a call from one of our coaches. The spring races in Brno had been cancelled, because of a weather forecast promising lots of wind and wind gusts over the weekend.

KLM had another nice surprise for me. A one hour delay, which is not cool when that means you arrive at 23:30 in Vienna, from where it is a 2 hour drive home.

In bed at 1:50am.


Up after just a few hours of sleep. I was wondering if I should do a workout at all. Left home for work an hour later than normally, and in the last minute I threw my rowing clothes in the trunk. Not good. The drive to work took 45 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes.

It was a long day. Our monthly operations review, which is a four hour marathon session, and this time it was planned right over lunch. The pizzas arrived when it was my turn to present my Department’s results. So, 45 minutes later, I ate cold pizza.

Around 3pm I was really tired. I drove to the rowing club. I didn’t really fancy a workout, but I had to drive there anyway because Romana is in Racice with Iva to row the trials, and I had to pick up my boys from their rowing training.

Arriving at the club, there were two of our older Masters ladies, and Martin, and they were looking for a fourth person so they could row a quad. I offered help. We rowed up to the castle because there was a lot of chop. When we returned to the lake, there was slightly less wind, so we did a few hundred meters more on the lake.

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