More Steady State & Bad Technique

Just a 15km Steady State row, partitioned as 6x2500m, with the first 3 intervals rowed as 1000/750/500/250, and the final three intervals as 250/500/750/1000. In the first interval, I rowed at 18/19/20/21spm, in the second one 19/20/21/22spm, and in the third one 20/21/22/23spm. In the second half of the row I climbed down those same ladders in reverse order.

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Bad Technique

On Friday, I introduced a new parameter, the ratio of the average and peak drive force, and I found a study by Kleshnev that links this parameter to rowing style. Going one step further, I wanted to know if the value could be used to fingerprint bad technique. I set up a 250m intervals with 20 seconds rest and rowed. In the first and final intervals, I rowed my “normal” stroke, which I believe is decent, technique-wise.

In the other intervals I rowed exaggerated versions of common examples of bad technique. Here is the resulting table. I don’t see a correlation.

Fratio Ldrive
Good 0.58 1.40
Bad 1 0.56 1.38
Bad 2 0.59 1.38
Bad 3 0.57 1.45
Bad 4 0.59 1.41
Good 0.56 1.38