Steady State row and bike ride


Working from the Prague office. Train ride to Prague. Then full day of work, finished by a dinner with my sister who happened to in Prague for business. Then a bus ride home. Got up at 5:20am. In bed at 00:45, technically Tuesday morning.


Notebook switch at work, which meant I was 4 hours without computer, and after that spending a big proportion of my time setting up my environment to my needs. I arrived at home tired and frustrated. Still managed to get down to the basement to do an erg row, but stopped after 10km to continue watching TV (US elections).

The site now gives two kinds of Pie chart. One is based on heart rate zones and the other is based on Power zones.

myimage myimage-2

The left plot is the power based Pie chart. The right plot is the heart rate based one. I think there is merit in using the power based one. I pushed on the gas from the first minute, and I think the left graph reflects that, with most of the row in UT1 zone and about a quarter of the row in the AT zone.

I contemplated staying up and watching the US elections, but in the end I decided to go to bed.


Well, this is certainly not going to be business as usual!

One of the first things I did this morning was checking the results of the US presidential elections. I can’t say I am surprised, having been in the US often enough, but definitely this will shake things up, and I am not sure whether for the good or the bad. Let’s say it is certainly an impulse for Europe to get its act together.

I cycled to work. It was cold, this morning, -2C according to the weather report, and it felt like that. A cold, sunny winter morning.