Thursday – 3x20min Steady State

Again compromising with my training week because of the workshops. Also, I found out yesterday that my own single doesn’t fit on the big trailer to Brandys. As I don’t want to drive my own trailer, I will have to race in a club boat coming weekend. So I will do my Friday’s workout on Friday morning, in my own single, and it will be the 2x3km that I had planned for Saturday.

I will take a day off on Saturday, visiting Prague with my son. Then race on Sunday.

Today was simple. 3x20min on the erg (no time to go to the rowing club) and I let the power vary a bit – but tried to stay around 180W.

Lactate was 1.9 mmol/L after 40 minutes and 1.5 mmol/L (!) after 60.20160908-191755-sled_2016-09-08t19-51-30zgmt2-strokes20160908-191828

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