Speed Work

Still not fully recovered from the race weekend. Tired legs. Painful arms and shoulders. Out in the single today, on a nice calm morning. Hardly any wind. Nice temperature.

The plan was 30″ on / 30″ off and I was determined to do this workout, but I didn’t know how I would get through it. I also decided that in these two last taper weeks the volume should be low, so I planned to:

  • Thoroughly warm up for 3km with a few 10 stroke speed bursts
  • Do the sprintervals for a full 2km. That would mean that I would probably get 4-5 minutes worth of high intensity rowing
  • Thorougly cool down for 5km

So I got help. After 2km of warming up, when I was turning the boat at Rokle, Radek came rowing up in his single. He launches from the other club, so when we don’t go in a double together we are not aware of each other’s training times. I immediately realized that having a sparring partner would have a very beneficial effect on the quality of the workout, so I asked him what he was doing. “Just rowing,” was the answer. Convinced him to row the intervals with me.

Workout Summary - media/20160720-091145-2016-07-20-0640.CSV
Workout Details
01|02915| 17:00 |02:51.5|17.9|143.0|172.0|09.7
02|00139| 00:30 |01:47.4|34.1|135.0|166.0|08.2
03|00141| 00:30 |01:45.4|32.3|174.0|179.0|08.8
04|00135| 00:30 |01:49.9|32.3|176.0|180.0|08.4
05|00134| 00:30 |01:50.0|30.5|175.0|180.0|08.9
06|00133| 00:30 |01:50.7|32.7|174.0|181.0|08.3
07|00140| 00:30 |01:47.2|32.0|176.0|181.0|08.8
08|00132| 00:30 |01:50.7|32.8|176.0|181.0|08.2
09|00137| 00:30 |01:46.5|34.9|178.0|183.0|08.1
10|00140| 00:30 |01:47.2|32.1|179.0|185.0|08.8
11|04599| 23:01 |02:30.2|20.2|160.0|183.0|09.9

And here is a close-up of the intervals:
download (12)

download (13)

During the cooling down I did one 30 second piece to confirm that the wind didn’t have a big influence. It didn’t.

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