Mixed Feelings – Speed work in the quad

One guy in our quad is sick, so we replaced him with Martin “Turkey” Krocil.

The training was a “Small Pyramid”, i.e.

20″ / 20″R @ 40spm
40″ / 40″R @ 38spm
60″ / 60″R @ 36spm
40″ / 40″R @ 38spm
20″ / 20″R @ 40spm

We rowed it in hard summer rain and almost now wind. I was glad it rained so hard. Temperatures have dropped from >30C to 19C, and all the swimmers and recreational boats have disappeared. We had the lake for ourselves.

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Workout Summary - media/20160712-204857-2016-07-12-1848.CSV
Workout Details
01|03314| 16:36 |02:30.3|17.5|154.0|180.0|11.4
02|00117| 00:20 |01:25.5|38.9|167.0|178.0|09.0
03|00219| 00:40 |01:30.5|37.8|184.0|188.0|08.8
04|00317| 01:00 |01:34.4|37.1|185.0|187.0|08.6
05|00213| 00:40 |01:32.8|36.4|180.0|184.0|08.9
06|00113| 00:20 |01:26.6|40.0|177.0|180.0|08.7
07|02590| 17:30 |03:19.3|13.0|151.0|165.0|11.6

This wasn’t an easy workout. Martin hasn’t sculled since the race in Piestany. He has trained, but only on the erg and in the pair. The high rates were a bit of a shock to his system. Also, I had the feeling the boat was lying to the port side and there wasn’t the lightness that is required for a fast quad.

I think our paces are slow compared to the competition. Well, we’ll see on Saturday.