Wednesday – Steady State

A long steady state session after work. It was quite warm, around 26 degrees C, and there were many swimmers and recreation boats on the lake. I alternated 18spm and 20spm and tried to focus on a long reach and acceleration through the stroke.

In the first part after the warming up I was excited to see 2:05 – 2:10 as average pace on some pieces. Wow, I thought. I have found the wonder stroke. Funny that it differs so little from my regular stroke.

At the beginning of the second leg I had the idea to reset the XGPS160 and that immediately brought me back to ground (well, to the water, actually). The slightly more noisy first 30 minutes of the row resulted in CrewNerd calculating a slightly longer distance, which resulted in a slightly larger pace.

Here is a zoom in of a part of the lake where I rowed a few times. From right to left, they are:

  1. Warming up (noisy)
  2. Second or third Rokle-Sirka segment (not noisy)
  3. Second or third Rokle-Sirka segment (not noisy)
  4. First Rokle-Sirka segment (noisy)
  5. Two Sirka-Rokle segments
    Steady State - 1x 6-22-2016

It is clear how the noisy segments appear to be slightly longer if you measure from waypoint to waypoint.

Still, I think I did good work on my stroke. Total workout distance a little over 13km.


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