Jehnice running event

A national holiday today. Last event in my test week(s). The 10km run in Jehnice, three bus stops from my home. For some reason, I skipped this event in 2014, but this year I participated.

First, the kids run. Dominik came last on the 1000m which is a quite intensive run. The first 500m is a steep climb.  Then a loop around the cemetery and then a steep descent. Robin was somewhere in the slower half of the 600m run.

Then the 6km. Lenka ran and finished 279th place but happy with the effort. 35 minutes and a few seconds.

The 1ok consists of a 1k segment, then two loops on Rakovec hill, and then the 1k segment again. Here is the Strava record of my run:

It’s nice to run an event with a few more Strava users. I set a personal record on the Rakovec – Koně segment. Also, I clocked 47.07 for the run, which is 41 seconds faster than two years ago. I ran negative split. Started to push the pace a bit on the first climb and passed quite a lot of people. Then relaxed on the descent and started to push the pace harder on the second climb. The climb is that Rakovec – Koně segment mentioned above. In the first loop I did it in 12:26, in the second loop I managed 12:03. My previous PR was 12:31. This is 2.6km with an average climb grade of 3%, 91m of climb in total.

Good effort.

jehniceRunning 11-17-2015, Elevation

In the afternoon I visited a local  food market.

Food market 003Food market 002

It was very nicely situated in an old rail cargo building. Good atmosphere. Nice food to taste.

Test evaluations

VO2 Max vs Peak Power. The ideal is 40-45%. My value is 50%.

Anaerobic threshold vs VO2 max. The ideal is 80-85%. My value is 81%.

I didn’t do a test to determine aerobic threshold. The “Rowing Faster” book recommends a 60min to 75min full-out steady state row. Greg uses his power at 2.0 mmol. I am sure he can row a fater full-out 75 min steady state than the 195 W he uses.

The Jehnice run tells me I am in better general fitness shape than 2 years ago (or perhaps running a little more often). My anaerobic threshold vs VO2 max is in the right ballpark. I may be able to improve on my 6k a bit. Peak Power is too low and could be improved.

Conclusion: I am on the good path with my current training schedule. I expect that adding the strength training into the mix makes me row my 2k at a lower percentage of my peak power, which will make it a more sustainable effort. I hope to improve my 2000m score in the coming winter.

On the 6k I may or may not PB this winter but I should really try. 🙂



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