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Good morning. Six AM and I am at Vienna Airport again. This week’s business trip will be

Thursday: Amsterdam
Friday: Brussels
Weekend: Home
Monday: Toulouse
Tuesday: Toulouse


Yesterday I cycled home from work. I want to do cycle legs per week, but with the business trips it is difficult. My bicycle actually spent an entire week at work. When I rode it home, it was raining a little but the temperature was OK. I didn’t need gloves.

After that, I did an extensive steady state erg session. Warming up. Thirty minutes on Rowpro with 2 other chaps (got disconnected about 20 minutes in), then a cooling down. I had ambitions for a 2×30 minute but got bored.


By the way, I wonder who approved the architecture of Vienna Airport terminal 3. Here’s what I don’t like about it:

  1. Not enough walking conveyor belts. I just got a gate change from F01 to F36. About 10 minutes of walking in my pace, but that could amount to about 20 for an old lady
  2. Toilets. You have to go down one level for the toilets. How convenient is that for disabled people?
  3. The colors. Everything is white, gray or black. You can see every scratch, every stain, and it makes a very dreary impression
  4. Endless distances. I walk pretty fast, but some people must spend a full hour between the arrival gate and the parking garage …
  5. Stupid architecture. I believe the architects gave this job to an intern. There are crazy “unsolved” places everywhere. Take for example this spot:

Vienna 001

This picture was taken from the F01 waiting area looking into the main space. The glass bit on the right are escalators  for passengers who arrive, get dropped one level below the departure gates, have to get up the escalator 2 levels to one level above the departure gate, then walk the entire length of the terminal, and finally go down 3 levels to the luggage belts. On the left is a black place that I suspect contains another set of stairs or escalators. The architects created a nice crawl-through corridor. I guess in the early days some passengers bumped their heads here, so they had to put warning tape on it and restrict the access to the useless area under the stairs.

A user experience that is way below average.

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