Saturday Run & Sunday Erg


Two options for the training. If the weather would allow, an extensive steady state row. If there would be wind or chop or otherwise unfavorable conditions: a run.

We left home at 9:30 am in sunny but cold weather. However, the river valley and the lake were cloudy.

We arrived at the lake and the air temperature was +2 degrees C. Interestingly, there was no wind, but still chop and fog at the same time. Our lake has strange ways … Anyway, visibility was low, and on top of that, one of Romana’s girls had to be home early. We decided for the run. My debut as a running trainer.

The girls want to participate in a 5k run in two weeks, so a running training wouldn’t be a bad thing.

We did a 10 minute warming up, then a good stretching session. Then we ran 2.5km steady state towards the castle. After 2.5 km we stopped, walked for a few minutes, then got ready for the 2.5 km return run. I told the girls to do “Steigerung”, i.e. a push run. I would wait for them at every 500m mark (measured using my Garmin watch) and tell them to increase the pace. Both Iva and Lenka did this perfectly and they both managed to arrive at the 5k mark doing a good pace. I told them this is the way to negative split a 5k.

We ran the 2km back to the club, then did a good stretching session in the weights room.


Having moved the running, planned for Sunday, to Saturday, today was a Rowing Day. However, Romana and I wanted to do something with the kids, so we would lack the time to drive to the lake, row, and drive back. So it had to be an erg session.

In the morning, we took the train to the Central Station, walked up to the Spilberk Castle to have a coffee there. This Spilberk castle was the heaviest prison in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We passed a monument for Italian freedom fighters imprisoned here, around the time Italy united:

Morti per la redenzione d’Italia nelle carceri dello Spielberg fvrono qvi sepolti Oroboni Fortvnato Villa Antonio Moretti Silvio Vincenti Giovanni … figli d’Italia terra da commissioni di stato segrete fvor di legge Austriache in svolo Italiano condannati a morte come carbonari

After the coffee at the castle we descended back to the city to be witnesses of the building of the new statue for Jost of Moravia, a controversial medieval ruler of Moravia:

Brno 012

Brno 001 Brno 003 Brno 007 Brno 009

On the erg, I did a 3×20 minute row. Have to find some better audio books to listen to during these boring rows. I did a play with stroke rates to break the boredom:

3x20b 3x20min