Monday-Tuesday: Steady State and CTC


Wanted to row OTW but I had to finish something at work. It was raining hard when I had to drive to the club, and I was late already, would have to shorten the row because of the early darkness … so I did an OTE session.

Warming up, then a 30 minute rowpro session, then a cooling down. A bit under an hour in total. Time pressed.


Workout Summary - Oct 20, 2015
Workout Details

I did the 30 minutes at slightly higher power than the Friday session.

Tuesday – CTC

Again working late. I started this session close to 9pm. 15×1 minute on 1 minute rest, and actually quite enjoyed it. Targeted 1:45 which is around my 2k pace. It was nice to do some sprinty stuff after many steady state and distance sessions. Counted to 30 strokes. A sip of water after every 3 sets. Final three sets with closed eyes and imagining rowing the final 300m of a sprint race.

I did wear the heart rate belt but forgot to clip on the heart rate unit. 🙁


Tomorrow: Cycling and steady state.
Thursday: Fly to Brussels/Amsterdam
Friday: Short hotel fitness triathlon + weights

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