Mont Blanc in the sunset, academic eights and cycling (Wednesday)

Tuesday evening I flew home. I always chose a window seat on the starboard side of the vessel when flying the Toulouse – Munich leg in daylight. This time I was extremely lucky. We took a route very close to the Mont Blanc, so I spent a very nice 10 minutes looking at the alps during sunset.

Then Munich – Vienna with a 45 minute delay, spent in a very hot airplane on the tarmac in Munich, and a company driver who brought me home. At home I spent another 15 minutes trying to pay him, but his card terminal refused service. In bed around 2am.

Wednesday I slept in a little and cycled to work around 8:15. At the end of the afternoon I headed to Jundrov to watch the Academic eights rowing race:

This is a renewed tradition, the first time the race is held in 70 years. We basically composed 2 eights consisting of rowing students, one eight for each university in town. Interestingly, our club has predominantly Masaryk University students, while the other club in town, Lodni Sporty, has predominantly Technical University Students.

The Technical University won. You can see a TV report on the race here. A few pictures:

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It was a fun event. Let’s see if it gets more people to row. It was quite fun to watch the eights on the very narrow and windy river Svratka. We are used to the lake, but this was interesting as well. In the pictures you can also see the “river” club house of our club, which is the historical site of CVK Brno and still owned by the club. Some of the buildings haven’t been renovated since 1930, but it’s still all there. A few times I have contemplated storing my single there. It’s much closer to work and quite nice water to row a single, but on the downside I would be quite lonely there, with the rest of the rowers on the lake.

The cup is an original cup from the 1930s, found on the attic of our old club house. Here is a picture of the “new” old club house:


Here is how it looks now (from Google Street View):


After that I wanted to do some steady state erging at home, but there was an accident with an IKEA cupboard in the boys’ room. It collapsed, after 3  times being disassembled and assembled because of moving and 3 years of rough use by the boys. So I spent the evening cleaning up the mess. IKEA stuff isn’t made for this.

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