Tuesday Quad Day (2x750m)

Repeat of this training, 2x750m with 12 minutes rest, first at 34spm, second at 37spm. Then we rowed 2:28 and 2:27. There were a few differences today:

  • Our bow rower has been ill and is still recovering, so he wasn’t pulling very hard, and we would row the distance in a slightly lower stroke rate
  • Today’s temperatures were a pleasant 18 degrees, vs above 30 on July 3.
  • Flat water and no wind today, a slight crosswind back in July.

Warming up with a few high stroke rate bursts. This felt very good. We hadn’t trained together since the Nationals, due to vacation and illness. Then we did two practice starts, rowed to the start of the 2k course, dialed up a 750m with standing start and off we went.

Bowman Tomas had permission to pull half strength. We asked #2 Martin to pull double strength to compensate :-).

|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|03052|18:24|03:00.9| 21.8 | 135 | 173 |07.6|WU
|00746|02:26|01:37.9| 32.1 | 173 | 182 |09.6|750m
|03059|18:00|02:56.5| 18.9 | 143 | 182 |09.0|rest
|00748|02:28|01:39.0| 32.0 | 173 | 182 |09.5|750m
|02305|12:41|02:45.0| 18.5 | 137 | 182 |09.8|CD

So 2:26 and 2:28 at lower stroke rate. Not bad and it felt good. Perhaps it is a good idea to remind Martin that he has to pull hard ;-).


Tomorrow: “Death by lactate”! Was planned for Thursday but my double partner has to go to a seminar, so we have to do it … Wednesday AM.

Coming weekend I will row double and single Masters at regional regatta in Břeclav. Quite an unregular 1km course with a big turn. Good prep for Belgium.

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