Tour de France

After my morning training on Thursday, I worked from home, then took the 15:21 train to Vienna airport and flew to Toulouse with a short stop in Frankfurt. Arrived after 11pm.

Friday was an interesting day. Meetings from 9 to 12, then a nice lunch in the garden of La FlambĂ©e, at the end of the runway of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. We just didn’t have time enough for the ice cream desert. Then meetings again, and then running to catch a flight home.

The flight was delayed so I got my delayed ice cream.

Then the Swiss flight to Zurich. They served swiss chocolate ice cream as a snack. I had a coffee with it.

I felt well when I left the plane but the terminal building was heated to about 30 degrees C, and I suddenly started to feel bad. I had the feeling I would either faint or throw up or do both at the same time. With my hand in front of my mouth I rushed to a toilet as fast as I could. I found a toilet about 500m from my gate.

Interestingly, it was a little cooler there. I removed my tie and jacket, and I felt better immediately.

Probably a case of low blood pressure or something, combined with getting up quickly to leave the plane, and the heat in the terminal building.

Uneventful flight to Vienna. Delayed arrival at 11pm.

I was home in bed by 1:45 am.

Then up at 8 to join breakfast with Romana and the kids, and headed to the rowing club around 9:15.

Romana took the girls out in a quad. I took the single. The plan was

  • Row steady state

  • Do a 1000m with the following race plan: Fast start, then focus on technique for 600m, then all out in the final 300m

Somehow the 1000m didn’t go entirely according to plan. I did the focus on technique but I ended up doing a slow motion 29spm, not the 32spm I had hoped for. There was a tail wind building up from no wind at the start to medium sized waves at 700m into the test.

Not good. I blame the tiredness from the trip.

|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|avg HR|max HR|Remarks
|05074|30:05|02:57.9| 133 | 149 |steady state
|00101|00:22|01:48.6| 143 | 162 |100m #1
|00101|00:23|01:53.7| 165 | 167 |100m #2
|00098|00:23|01:57.0| 169 | 171 |100m #3
|00106|00:25|01:58.4| 172 | 173 |100m #4
|00097|00:23|01:58.9| 174 | 174 |100m #5
|00103|00:25|02:01.3| 174 | 174 |100m #6
|00086|00:20|01:56.5| 174 | 175 |100m #7
|00107|00:25|01:57.0| 176 | 176 |100m #8
|00106|00:25|01:58.3| 176 | 176 |100m #9
|00098|00:24|02:01.9| 176 | 177 |100m #10
|03802|21:53|02:52.7| 143 | 173 |steady state

The stats above are from the Garmin. I forgot the Wahoo heart rate belt so I took the Garmin belt. But after the 2km warming up I realized I had to pair it again with the Garmin. So add 2km to the session.

A 3:55 effort with average stroke rate of 29.9. Again: Not good, but good enough given the circumstances. I believe that doing these 1km things regularly gets you used to the thing.

HR and pace from the Garmin

Pace and Stroke rate from CrewNerd:

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