Waterfall On The Water

A long day at work. I looked at the wind forecast and decided to not go rowing until 7pm.

That turned out very well. There was almost no wind and really flat water. Long Pete Plan intervals were on the menu and I decided to do 3km, 2.5km, 2km, the dreaded waterfall session.

I also wanted to pay attention to technique so I decided to let the stroke rate go with the flow. Feed the boat with a stroke when it asks for it.

As I am still not completely accomodated to good technique. It is still hard work for me. After the first set I was already tired, but technique wise it was good. I turned around and did the second one, happy with each 500m completed. Splits were bad, meters per stroke as well. Turned around for the last set, the 2km. Technique was better now. Consistently above 8.5m per stroke, but that was because I was doing a slightly lower stroke rate. In the last 500m I took it up to 30spm.

When I finished I almost needed to feed the fish … For a few moments I couldn’t do anything else but just sit on my single and breathe.

Polarized training, they say. I think today I did that.

|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|02234|13:07|02:56.2| 18.8 | 126 | 143 |09.1|Warming up
|03000|12:54|02:09.0| 26.9 | 176 | 181 |08.6|3km
|00772|04:57|03:12.3| 17.9 | 148 | 178 |08.7|rest
|02491|11:00|02:12.5| 26.7 | 177 | 180 |08.5|2.5km
|00688|05:00|03:38.1| 18.0 | 144 | 177 |07.7|rest
|01994|08:33|02:08.7| 26.6 | 175 | 180 |08.8|2km
|01636|12:17|03:45.2| 17.3 | 134 | 179 |07.7|cooling down

Short summary:

|176|26.8|8.6|Main set
|134|17.3|7.7|Cool down
|146|17.9|8.2|rest meters



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