Survived the heat

Traditional spring race weather. Calm water in the first 150m, then waves. Strong tailwind/crosswind. 

Five singles at the start of the open Men. A funny mix of Masters and 19 year olds, because the real good rowers are seat racing in Prague. 

I came third or fourth out of the starting block. One guy was a length and a half behind immediately. 

I took a look to bow 7 to the right of me.  It’s a good feeling when you see you’re evidently faster. I didn’t have to row harder to leave him behind and be in a comfortable qualifying third place. 

After 1000m the waves became really high but we were three rowing calmly at 28-29spm in front, with several boat lengths of light between us and the boat in fourth position. 

The final 500m was about survival. I think only half of my strokes were ok. 



Final race at 15:52. 

Then a fun race in the eight.  

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