Oh the iron mistress again (April CTC)

I had to lecture my daughter about duties. Bleh, how I hated myself for doing that, but a minimum of homework needs to be done, and a minimum of good marks to be had. I believe that by reducing sofa hanging, chat-apping, and telephoning by 30% she can gain an hour a day extra for homework. I must help her more with math, but her bad marks in biology and geography can easily be improved. She just has to invest the time.

So duties … of which I have no few. One of them is to do a CTC each month to help the Free Spirits (and because it’s a fun duty).

Row 1k – 300m – 300m – 300m – 300m – 1k / 2 minutes rest between each rep.

Really sounds like fun. Well, I have to do short intervals more often in this part of the season anyway. I need to get accustomed to them.

Today there was no way I could make it to the lake, with a full day of work and then a school meeting, where it was pointed out to me that a certain young lady … but I digress.

Not sure about the pace, but I though 1:43 should be doable.

Workout Summary - Apr 14, 2015
Workout Details
01|01000|03:26.2|01:43.1|319.3|30.6|167.7|177.0|09.5|10.5|harder than I thought
04|00300|01:00.0|01:40.0|349.7|33.0|163.7|173.0|09.1|10.6|experimenting high stroke rate
05|00300|01:01.9|01:43.2|318.0|29.1|165.9|174.0|10.0|10.9|experimenting low stroke rate
06|01000|03:29.0|01:44.5|306.7|29.9|177.0|181.0|09.6|10.3|much harder than I thought


HR & Pace
HR & Pace

Counts as good training, I think

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