Pete Plan 3km/2.5km/2km in the double

Today I stickered the boat name to our new double. I will keep it secret until Saturday’s christening ceremony.

In next week’s races, I agreed to race the double with Michal, so today we took the double out for a row. It was relatively flat water on the lake, for the first time in ages. I gave Michal the choice between a 3km/2.5km/2km or a steady state row. He chose the first one.

He has only started to train again recently. It showed. He became tired relatively quickly.



Still a good workout. In the first interval, the 3000m, we had to do a hard stop about a minute into the row, because a single had decided to turn and didn’t see us coming. We also had wake of three motor boats. Two coach launches and one motor boat with guys from the sailing club taking their kids for a ride. These were the worst, because they didn’t slow down for us and were basically doing circles on the lake.

|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM___|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|02226|13:47|03:05.8| 19.2 | 124 | 169 |08.4|Warming up
|02998|12:46|02:07.7| 25.5 | 170 | 180 |09.2|3km headwind, wake
|00677|04:59|03:41.0| 19.6 | 142 | 180 |06.9|rest
|02497|10:07|02:01.5| 25.6 | 176 | 181 |09.6|2.5km tailwind
|00642|04:58|03:52.2| 19.3 | 144 | 179 |06.7|rest
|01993|08:39|02:10.2| 25.4 | 175 | 181 |09.1|2km headwind
|01075|07:03|03:16.8| 17.5 | 134 | 181 |08.7|cooldown

The summary:

|173|25.5|9.3|Main set
|134|17.5|8.7|Cool down
|143|19.4|6.8|rest meters

And finally another nice picture from last weekend’s racing:


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