4x1km OTW

Our traditional Spring Races of coming Saturday have become quite interesting. The elite will have control races in Prague for the national crew selection, so suddenly only the Masters rowers of the region are left behind in the open category. On my home lake. Interesting. Interesting.

Yesterday’s CTC was a 2k pace session (or slightly faster) but today I still wanted to do a 4x1km OTW at my envisioned race pace. I haven’t done a 4x1km OTE this year so I don’t even know what my reference pace is for this Pete Plan training, but I think it is about 2km pace. Perhaps slightly slower.

The weather was perfect. I launched at 6:30 pm and it was still 20 degrees C, there was a very mild wind from the north-northwest (2 m/s), which gradually disappeared during the training. I did the first 2 intervals with the very light tailwind or crosswind, the third interval with headwind or no wind, and the final interval with essentially no wind.

4x1km HR and SPM
4x1km HR and SPM
4x1km HR and Pace
4x1km HR and Pace
Google Earth view, HR and Pace

Here are the data: 
|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM___|avg HR|max HR|DPS_|Remarks
|02892|17:14|02:58.7| 18.8 | 131 | 171 |08.9|Warming up
|00999|03:58|01:59.1| 29.6 | 172 | 179 |08.5|1km #1
|00810|05:00|03:05.2| 19.3 | 146 | 178 |08.4|rest
|01000|04:01|02:00.5| 29.3 | 175 | 180 |08.5|1km #2
|00840|05:00|02:58.7| 19.3 | 148 | 178 |08.7|rest
|00999|04:08|02:04.1| 29.1 | 176 | 180 |08.3|1km #3
|00784|05:00|03:11.3| 19.3 | 148 | 179 |08.1|rest
|01000|04:03|02:01.5| 29.4 | 176 | 181 |08.4|1km #4
|01898|11:22|02:59.7| 19.9 | 145 | 180 |08.4|Cooling down

Short summary:
3999_____|_16:10____|_2:01.3_|_175_|_29.4_|_8.4_|_Main set
1898_____|_11:22____|_2:59.7_|_145_|_19.9_|_8.4_|_Cool down
2434_____|_15:00____|_3:04.9_|_147_|_19.3_|_8.4_|_rest meters

At the end of the training the water was so calm that I had to make a picture:

Calm lake, view towards start
Calm lake, view towards start
roei 002
Calm lake, view towards the finish
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