Better than nothing

rowing chart


The weights training was only an hour long but it was intense. Four rounds of a circuit

  • Bench pull 60x at 50%
  • Bench press 15x
  • Leg press 30x
  • back swing 15x
  • sit ups 30x
  • Pull Down 40kg 15x
  • lunges 25kg 20x each leg
  • dumbbell pull over 20kg
  • rope skipping 100x

And that four times. The next day I mostly felt the effect of the lunges, bench pull and pull downs.


A long day in the office, followed by having to go to my son’s school with my son to talk to the history teacher about bad marks. I won’t further comment it but it was tiring.

Add to that the above-mentioned DOMS and you can imagine how I did today’s session purely on willpower and mostly to avoid embarrassment.

4x(3min+/1min+/1min)/3min at 22/24/26spm surely couldn’t be too hard, right? Let’s say I took it one stroke at a time and had to work very hard to keep Work per Stroke in the acceptable range. According to below plot I succeeded.