After the Marathon

After the Marathon

I took two days off. A planned rest day on January 1, and an unplanned one on January 2. Too busy.

Thursday – Steady State

First a 56 minute steady state row:

After that I rowed a (pretty slow) 100m for the virtual race The Dash, followed by a 5 minute cooling down. The session goals were met.

Friday – Swim

Nothing special, except for the fact that the pool was full. There were a lot of New Year Resolution swimmers. I guess it will be back to normal by Mid January.

It also seemed a bit like a whale convention in the sense that the body size of the “new” swimmers was quite a bit larger than that of the regular swimmers. Also the usual automatic sorting of lanes by swimming speed didn’t seem to work. A lot of overtaking, and my usual 2k took ten minutes longer than usual.

Saturday – Weights

I used the weights room at the club and including a 10 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down I did 80 minutes of thorough weights and body weight exercises. Pretty happy with that. Proper bench pull, something my local gym doesn’t offer.

Sunday – 5x1500m on tandem erg

Workout Summary - media/20190106-1506330o.csv
Workout Details

A weird session. I did this at the club with a group of other Masters rowers. Romana and I had set up two ergs on slides in a tandem configuration, me on stroke seat. I thought I would be able to go faster on the slides than on the static erg, and that’s how I rowed the first two intervals. Then, I paid for that.

Technique wise I think it was a great session. We rowed in front of a mirror and I could watch Romana’s shoulder completely in sync with mine.

Also, rowing on slides is so much more like on the water rowing, and much more gentle on the back than the static erg.

One of our Masters made a quick video of Romana and me on the erg. Technique critique is welcome. This was not part of the intervals session but filmed during the cooling down (although I rated up a bit for the video).

Here’s two of our lady Masters trying out the tandem:

The lady in stroke seat is Lubica who participated in the Barcelona Olympics. Bow lady rowed at the Moscow Olympics, I believe, but I am not 100% sure. I will have to ask her next time.

Monday – Steady UT1/AT session

This is a rowing machine session that gets you working on the border between UT1 and AT power zones. It’s a bit harder than the usual steady state and a good workout that requires focus.

Row 4×10 minutes with 3 minutes rest. The 10 minute intervals are 9 minutes at 22 spm, 1 minute at 24 spm.

Note that I had some difficulties in the fourth interval.