Running along the river


No training. I took a car to Vienna, then a flight to Brussels and finally a flight from Brussels to Toulouse. I had dinner in the hotel with colleagues.


Meetings at one of the biggest employers in the city of Toulouse. I work for a supplier to this company and on Tuesday we had a big meeting attended by our vice presidents and those of our customer. We from engineering got to present. I presented my stuff and all was good. Between the meetings and the business dinner, I found some time to go for a run. I had never run from this hotel but by intuition I found a nice river, the Touch as it’s called, and ran 30 minutes along it, then 30 minutes back.

The weather is perfect here in Toulouse, 25 degrees C and fair. The path along the river was nice and shady and ther were many other runners.

Some GPS problems in the beginning make this run look a bit longer than it really was.


Today, I found time between two meetings and did the same run. The only difference was that instead of crossing at a small bridge I stayed on the left bank. That was a mistake, because the path turned to the right and I ended up running on the streets for a few kilometers. Eventually found my way back to the river, followed it for a while and then turned back.

Tomorrow, I will fly to Brussels. I am planning to find some time in the afternoon or early evening for a swim. Need to find a suitable pool.