Sander beats a 6k

Wednesday, another 6k effort on the program. I am doing a lot of them in the prep for the Uherske Hradiste regatta, and I am doing a lot of them now because I on Monday I will go on a nearly 2 week lasting business trip.

I had little hope of a good performance this Wednesday afternoon. I had slept well but short, and it has been busy at work. Also, I ate some crappy food on Wednesday afternoon (too salty) and I felt it. So I agreed with myself to not to fuss about it and just treat this as a good threshold training. I also decided to not watch the in-boat monitors (NK SpeedCoach, RowP) too much during the row and row on feel.

I arrived at the start in Rokle simultaneously with a group of Juniors in a pair, double and a single, and our head coach in a launch. They set off ahead of me, and I followed. In the first part I had to pass the guy in the single and then I got in the launch’s wake. Luckily, they stopped to do starts practices at the start of the 2k course, so at that point, about five minutes into the row, I was able to pass all of them and just had to deal with the head wind.

Interestingly, it all worked out great. I was super conscious of not pushing too hard and didn’t fuss when the power values were below 210W. I had a tiny crisis with 2k to go but was able to delay the “counting strokes to distract me” until 1k to go. The final bit of the 6k was into a turn, so the low power is artificial.

I actually didn’t know until after the shower that it had been a quite good row. My workouts were syncing during the shower, and after that, sent me a nice email.

Pretty nice! Perhaps I should program those notifications to be sent a little more often.

Here are some comparisons with Sunday’s row:

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And here are some details of Wednesday’s row:

Basically, you are looking at Work per Stroke, average drive force and Wash fade away as I get tired and rate up to keep the pace.

Here are some stats:

Workout Summary - media/20180919-1630480o.csv
Workout Details
00|00500|02:18.4|02:18.4|219.4|24.2|159.1|174.0|09.0 -- head wind
05|00500|02:35.7|02:35.7|199.6|24.0|181.2|184.0|08.0 -- including turn
06|00500|02:10.6|02:10.6|208.2|25.5|180.4|183.0|09.0 -- tail wind
10|00500|02:07.2|02:07.2|223.4|27.7|185.6|187.0|08.5 -- pushing for virtual race

In interval #10 above, I was also pushing for the virtual finish line of the virtual race on

I am just racing myself here, but managed to improve by 30 seconds. Next time, I should do the turn a bit earlier. I think I rowed about three strokes beyond the entry into the “turn polygon”.