Cold & Windy & Rough & Wet & Totally worth it

Saturday was take two in the Quiske pod experiment.

Actually, it was a full gear row.

  • My new GoPro Session.
  • Quiske Pod.
  • Android phone running RowP app.
  • Empower Oarlock.
  • NK SpeedCoach GPS 2
  • My new Polar OH1 heart rate arm band

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Add a bottle of water and that is a lot of kit to carry to the boat house. Surely, it took some time to prepare the boat and the sculls. About 15 minutes.

I was the only fool rowing outdoors. The rest of the club was in the erg room.

There was quite a strong wind, and there was a lot of chop on the lake, so I decided to row on the river:

The GoPro happily filmed for the first 40 minutes. Unfortunately, I discovered later that DashWare doesn’t run on my updated Windows 10 notebook. It seems that this piece of very useful software is starting to become obsolete. There are no updates to fix these kind of issues. I spent more than an hour browsing web fora with suggestions on how to fix, but nothing worked.

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So here is a 20 minute interval without metrics:

As you can see from the video it was cold and wet but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This part of the river is beautiful in any weather conditions.

The Quiske measurements turned out well, and I wrote a separate post about them on the Analytics blog.

The final 2k, crossing the lake, was quite rough. The wind had become stronger, and I had a lot of water in my boat. It is a great feeling when an ice cold wave breaks on your forestay, throwing water all over your back and behind.

I did really enjoy the warm shower at the club.

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