A lot going on actually


Body weight exercises. Several iterations of the Wahoo Tickr 7 minute set. I am going to do these ones more often. A short session but still feeling DOMS on Friday.


Erg session. 2 kilometers warming up. Then a 10k row. I tried to hold 180W and stay below 165bpm heart rate at the same time. Ended up at 178 Watts. Towards the end I ignored the heart rate cap and tried to get back to 180W average power.

10k erg

I tried a 2x1min intensive bit before the cooling down.

cooling down


A busy day. In the afternoon, my sons visited me at work. We had organized a little event for kids where they could fly our airplane and helicopter simulators.

plane simulator

Then we headed to the rowing club. Dominik did an erg session and a circuit training. I went out in the single despite severe conditions on the lake. There was a lot of chop but when I reached the gorge it was just windy. It wasn’t sunny, unfortunately, it even rained a bit. Still, I took some pictures of Veveri Castle and the woods around it.




The row was a light steady state session. Not too hard because of tomorrow’s race. Unfortunately, I forgot the heart rate belt at home, so no heart rate values. The headwind section:

headwind section

The tailwind section:

tailwind section

I was running a Beta version of BoatCoach in parallel with the SpeedCoach. Dan Eiref of BoatCoach prepared a beta based on some tests I did for him. I am happy to report that Stroke Rate and Pace are now very close to the values of the SpeedCoach.

comparison BoatCoach and SpeedCoach

comparison BoatCoach and SpeedCoach

The comparisons were done on rowsandall.com.

On top of that I did a few good changes to the Critical Power parts of the rowsandall.com site. More about that another time.

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