Friday: Boat transport and a light training

At work in the morning. I took vacation for the afternoon, drove to the rowing club to pick up the small trailer and off we drove to Hodonin.

IMG 1461

The big trailer had already left. This is one of the reasons why we bought our cute little trailer, to help the club get all the boats to these local regattas, where we want even the beginners to race.

There was a strong crosswind driving south over the D2 highway, but otherwise the drive was uneventful. After 50 minutes, we arrived at our destination. The bus with the kids arrived about 10 minutes after us, so we unloading the trailers was done very quickly. Romana and I took the double for a quick spin on the river Morava:

myimage (4)

Romana and I tested our race pace stroke and start sequences. You can see from the pace difference in the first vs the second half that we were rowing on a river. I tried to estimate the wind and stream effects in this plot (using the Physics Department services on

myimage (5)

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