Sunday: Recovery Run & the wonders of Strava

Slept in, had a family brunch, then coffee, and then I went for a little run. Not a planned course, but making it up during the run. It was supposed to be a recovery run so I made sure I ran slowly.



Running 10-18-2015

Even though it was supposed to be a recovery run, I had to take a pretty steep climb that I call “killer climb”. It was either that or a detour of 4 km. This climb is about 4 minutes of steep uphill running, 600m with an average grade of 12%. Quite a good rowing spring race simulation.

Had to turn back at one point. I was following a new path created by forest workers, descending down a steep hill. It turned out to be a dead end.

Uploading the run to Strava reveals interesting facts. My “killer climb” turns out to be a “segment” so I can compare my results with other people who run this climb. Not many, it turns out:


Also, I can compare my own efforts:


Apparently, I have ran this stretch only 5 times. I believe I have done more of them.

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