Hotel Fitness workout


Worked from home in the morning, then took the train to Vienna. First time I saw the real refugees/migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and other places. About a hundred of them in the Vienna Hauptbahnhof hall. Young families with small children (babies to 6 year olds), and groups of young men (in their twenties). They looked tired. They probably still believed what the smugglers have told them. Didn’t know what to think about it. In the media these people are either described as bloodthirsty jihadist, or, on the other end of the spectrum, as piece loving engineers and scientists. I was glad I saw the real people and not just the media image.

Then on to the airport and a plane to Brussels. No exercise.


Woke up quite well rested and headed for the hotel gym. The meetings don’t start until 10:30 so I had some time. I am 75% through reading the book that Boris recommended, “Muskelrevolution” by Marco Toigo. Apart from learning very interesting things about how the little muscle engines work, here are a few things I grasped (hopefully correctly) so far:

  1. Don’t fuss about sets vs repeats
  2. Determine your 1 repeat maximum, then work at 50%-60% of it
  3. Work slowly

So after about 30 minutes of threadmill, cycle and elliptical (10 minutes each) I headed for this monster:

Actually, I quickly returned to my hotel room to get a pen and my notebook, and determined as well as I could my max for bench press, leg extension, leg curl, lat pulldown, biceps curl, bench pull and shoulder press. Then did a little circuit where I worked at 60% of the max, and just did as many repeats as I could until failure (or until 20 repeats, whichever came first). I also added situps, pushups, back and squat with weights into the mix. Actually, I added the squat later, when I started to realize that I was mostly working my upper body … I guess that is what fitness rats like to work…

I did the circuit 2 times. One hour and fifteen minutes including the 30 minutes extensive steady state and the quick determination of 1RM maxima.

Looking forward to how my body will feel tomorrow.

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