Tuesday: 30 minute erg + circuit training

Working from home today because in the afternoon I had to give a lecture at the technical university, which is close to my home.

So just before lunch I took an hour to do my workout for the day. I am mixing strength workouts into the mix, and the current recipe is 30 min erg (or running) followed by either weights or body weight circuit.

I am still not settled on the exact format of my strength training, so today I was going to go with what I could do from home, with the limited equipment I had.

First, 30 minutes of light erging (after a warming up of course):


Perhaps I should try Greg’s method of starting slower, then increasing. And I guess that without lactate testing this a bit a shot in the dark. Had I not worn my HR belt, I would probably have gone a little faster …

Then, the circuit. Here’s my draft circuit:

  1. Triceps dips using a chair 20 reps
  2. Dorsal Raise 30 reps
  3. Press Up 20 reps – leg assisted when form started to break down
  4. Sit up 30 reps
  5. Pull ups – as many as possible with good form (not many, too embarrassed to tell the number)
  6. Burpee – 20

I did three rounds which took me about 20 minutes. I will probably expand this to 30 minutes but I don’t think it is wise to ignore that I am in a lousy shape, strength exercise wise, so I will try to do the number of reps that I can do with good form.

The good thing about this circuit is that there is nothing that cannot be done in a hotel room.

I am also reading up on strength exercise, so maybe with increased wisdom absorption I may change the routine.

Actually, I hope to change the routine, unless the literature tells me that I have to absolutely do the exact same routine every time. I am hoping for variation, though.

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