Sunday: Head Race Simulation

We slept in and had an extensive breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, freshly pressed juice and all.

After coffee, Romana and I headed to the lake. We cleared the boats off our little trailer, rigged the single, and parked the trailer. Then Romana went to the erg room to do a steady state 3x15min erg, and I headed to the lake to do my weekly 6km hard distance.

Only a little of wind, and no chop. Ideal conditions. My usual 6km course with a turn would feature head wind in the first half, and tailwind in the second. A nice variation.

Unfortunately, a sailing race was planned for today. This is the sense of humor of the Brno Dam. When there are rowing races, there is strong wind, high waves and generally unrowable conditions. When there are sailing races, there is no wind, and the contestants just float around on a flat lake, legs up, doing nothing.

The sailing race course was laid out in such a way that I couldn’t do my usual 6km course on the lake. It would bring my straight through the field and along the boat with the referees. I wasn’t curious to hear their reprimands. Hugging the shore wouldn’t help either.

So I decided to go on the canyon. With a couple of sharp turns at the entry to the canyon, this would be a good mirror steering exercise. Here is a map showing how twisty this part of the river is:


I overtook a tourist ferry about 500m before the turn. On the way back, in the headwind, there was a motor boat in front of me. When I approached to about 50m of them, they suddenly opened the gas and sped away from me, leaving me in their wake. With rocky and steep banks on both side, especially in the twisty bit, this created a lot of heaving waves which slowed me down.

A good head race simulation anyway.

6kmspm 6km
|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|01803|10:25|02:53.4| 19.2 | 128 | 139 |09.0|warming up
|00999|04:11|02:05.6| 25.9 | 158 | 169 |09.2|km 1
|01001|04:13|02:06.4| 25.3 | 170 | 172 |09.4|km 2
|00999|04:12|02:06.2| 25.6 | 175 | 177 |09.3|km 3
|01001|04:46|02:22.8| 25.0 | 171 | 176 |08.4|turn & km 4
|00997|04:38|02:19.4| 25.7 | 173 | 175 |08.4|km 5
|00985|04:35|02:19.6| 25.9 | 172 | 175 |08.3|km 6
|01888|11:30|03:02.7| 17.7 | 134 | 175 |09.3|cooling down

|170|25.6|8.8|Main set
|134|17.7|9.3|Cool down

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