Since May 3

Three months without a blog post. There were just too many other pursuits going on:

  1. At the end of May, I accepted a new job. At a new employer. In another country.
  2. Meanwhile, at my old job in the Aerospace tech sector, the effects of lock-down and COVID required my full attention, to lead my group through “interesting” times.
  3. The on-the-water virtual challenges caught on, especially on the Charles in Boston. This led to numerous improvements and bug fixes on

So how well did I train through those changes?

The July stats are a little skewed because of a 3 day hiking trip to the Tatra mountains in Slovakia, but yes I did get in a good amount of rowing. Here’s the heart rate distribution:

Here is plan (orange) vs execution (blue):

So, in the week of June 15th, we traveled to the Netherlands to arrange some things around our move there. In the week of July 20, we were hiking in the Tatra mountains. The week after, I discovered that what might have been a tick bite was developing a dark ring around it, on my leg. I went to see a doctor, and although she judged the risk of Lyme’s disease low, she still recommended doing a 20 day antibiotics treatment. The antibiotics come with instructions to avoid being in the sunlight, and no exercise. So since then, I am not rowing according to a plan, but I am rowing when I can and only at low intensities.

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On August 1, I drove to the Netherlands with my two boats on a trailer, installed them in my new club (Thyro Enschede) and started a new job at a new employer, all of that while strictly working from home. Here’s my single in its new home:

My new rowing water:

OK, I took the pictures in the port of Enschede, on the more industrial end of the canal. Rowing towards Hengelo it is a little greener.

I stayed in Enschede for a week, then returned to the Czech Republic, back to Romana and the kids. On October 1, we’ll all be in Enschede permanently. So I am putting the photos from a “legendary” period in one job in the album and starting up doing my tricks in a new industry.

The rowing will be a bit erratic now, but I will return to systematic training as soon as things settle down.


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