A slow snow run – catching up

I didn’t have time to update this training diary blog for a long time, so here are the summaries. On the last week, I still have a session to go, so I think I will hit the mark. I think I should be pretty happy about hitting the target. The truth is that I am planning a slightly more realistic number of sessions. That, and I didn’t have a lot of business travel lately. Here is how the sessions looked in detail:

The color coding indicates doing less (light green) or more (purple) or hitting the target (green). The white dot is today;s session which I still have to execute. I am afraid that 2x(8x500m) is going to be a tough one.

So overall a pretty good run, I think.

Saturday’s training was also a pretty good run, especially given the circumstances.

I am doing weights sessions prescribed by my club’s coach. They are fun to do because he mixes the exercises quite frequently, so there is almost always a new thing each week. So you always end up with DOMS for two days.

Actually, while writing this blog I have to admit that I mixed up the Czech instructions the trainer gave us. I now know I was supposed to do this:

Instead I did a barbell lift from the floor to the chin, 4×15, and I am still feeling it. Legs. Shoulders. Arms. It’s a damn good exercise. Although I am sure that the original exercise was a tough one too.

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So on Saturday I did a slow run, on the first snow of the winter season. It was great. I ran for an hour and 10 minutes. The Polar Beat app recorded it as 15km, but it certainly was less. Nice slow, hilly, snow run. I really enjoyed it.

Finally, here are two 3×15 minute sessions from the past two weeks combined. They are twelve days apart, and I think it shows pretty good consistency. I may be fooling myself, but holding 190 – 195W in steady state on the erg seems to feel easier than a month ago.

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