Lactate Test Results – Did I get fitter?

Lactate Step Test Results

I received the Lactate Step test results. Here’s a chart comparing them with results from the 2017 test:

So my 2.0 mmol/L level is fitted to be at 202W (HR 164) and my 4.0 mmol/L level is fitted to be at 237W (HR 174). A year ago, the results were 212W (HR 164) and 247W (HR 178) respectively. Here’s the fit curve from this year’s measurement report:

Here’s 2017 for comparison:

So, did my fitness decrease or is this identical within the measurement error?

It’s actually not so important. A year ago, I concluded that 211W was a high value and I decided to do my steady state rows below 200W. This year I will draw a similar conclusion: Steady state not above 200W.

From data on, I estimate I can hold a pace of 1:55 to 1:57 for one hour (220 to 230 W):

On, I will lower my FTP value to 220W. At this point in my training, a 1:57 pace for an hour feels more realistic (and was what I achieved when I last did it, but that was almost a year ago).

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