Back OTW – short and intensive

After two weeks of vacation, spent doing nothing apart from walking around in nice Italian cities, and swimming, I was back on the water this morning.

I had told myself that actually swimming in the Mediterranean had kept my fitness sort of OK, but when I paddled away from the dock in my single, I had to check if I hadn’t caught some weeds around the fin. It felt … hard.

Apart from that everything was fine. I was geared up fully. My usual basic electronics set was expanded by a Scosche Rhythm 24 on my right upper arm (with the Polar OH1 on my left arm). The Scosche was connected to my iPhone in a waterproof bag and logging HRV. I am doing a little mini project trying to figure out the good, bad and ugly of HRV measurements for myself, so I needed to log the basic HRV measurements. More about this project later.

This would also be one of my few opportunities to do a full, semi-hard 2k on the Brno 2k course, for a virtual regatta that we have set up. So the outing was simple. A 3k warming up. A 2k “full out”. And then a 3k cooling down. Full out, after the vacation, meant stroking around head race pace to get to a semi decent time. There was no way I was going to be able to hold my usual numbers right now.

It got quite hard in the second 1000m of the 2k, when my heart rate entered the red zone and the lake became a little choppier. Here are the stats for the interesting bits of this workout.

Workout Summary - media/20180817-0630250o.csv
Workout Details

The empower metrics were in the usual ranges, so that may mean that I haven’t unlearned rowing entirely.

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